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Borderline Personality Disorder: The Latest Assessment and Treatment Strategies

Author: Melanie A. Dean

Book Required Duration: 4 hours
3.7 out of 4.0, Based on: 579 reviews

Course Summary

Borderline Personality Disorder: The Latest Assessment and Treatment Strategies presents a concise overview of the disorder. This course presents information on the diagnosis and various theoretical approaches and treatments for borderline personality disorder.

Course Format

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Course Syllabus

1. General information about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

How Common is BPD?
2. Diagnosing BPD
What Criteria are used to Diagnose BPD?
What are Typical Characteristics of Those with BPD?
What Tools are used for Clinical Assessment?
How is BPD Differentiated from other Disorders?
3. Treating BPD
What are Global Treatment Issues Related to BPD?
What are the Environmental Influences that may Cause BPD?
What is the Interpersonal Psychotherapy Approach to Treating BPD?
What is the Cognitive Approach to Treating BPD?
What is the Dialectical Therapy Approach to Treating BPD?
What is the Relapse Prevention Approach to Treating BPD?
How are Various Individual Therapy Approaches Similar?
What are the Biological Influences that may Cause BPD?

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the prevalence rates for BPD.
  • Describe the diagnostic criteria for BPD.
  • Explain how various theoretical orientations conceptualize BPD.
  • Describetreatment approaches for BPD.


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