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The Iraq War Clinician Guide, 2nd Edition

Author: National Center for PTSD

Target audience: Social Workers, Psychologists, Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists, Addiction Counselors

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Price: $35.94

Course Description, Hours: 6

The Iraq War Clinician Guide, 2nd Edition provides information on helping veterans who have been exposed to war-zone stress. Topics covered include the impact of trauma on psychological functioning, educating patients and families about traumatic stress reactions, and working with trauma related guilt. Identification and management of PTSD is addressed as well as how veterans may react differently than civilians.

Course Format

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Course Syllabus
  1. Topics Specific to the Psychiatric Treatment of Military Personnel
  2. Treating the Traumatized Amputee
  3. PTSD in Iraq War Veterans
  4. Caring for the Clinicians who Care for Traumatically Injured Patients
  5. Assessment and Treatment of Anger in Combat-Related PTSD
  6. Traumatic Grief
  7. Substance Abuse in the Deployment Environment
  8. The Impact of Deployment on the Military Family
  9. Assessment of Iraq War Veterans
  10. Pharmacotherapy for PTSD

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to help you...

Explain the assessment of PTSD.
Describe assessment and treatment of anger in veterans.
Explain traumatic grief in veterans.
Describe medication treatment of PTSD.

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