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Assessment of Children: Cognitive Foundations - 5th Edition

Author: Jerome M Sattler

Course Created: 2008

Practice Level: Intermediate

Book Required Duration: 18 hours
3.0 out of 4.0, Based on: 1 reviews

Course Summary

Assessment of Children: Cognitive Foundations is often referred to as the “Bible” of assessment. The text covers the assessment process, theories of intelligence, and in depth information on the major assessment instruments. This book is a valuable reference that will be referred to often after completing the course.

Course Format

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Course Syllabus

  1. Challenges in Assessing Children: The Process
  2. Challenges in Assessing Children: The Context
  3. Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues
  4. A Primer on Statistics and Psychometrics
  5. Ethnic Minority Children
  6. Administering Tests to Children
  7. Historical Survey and Theories of Intelligence
  8. The Development and Measurement of Intelligence
  9. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children–Fourth Edition (WISC–IV): Description
  10. WISC–IV Subtests
  11. Interpreting the WISC–IV
  12. Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence–Third Edition (WPPSI–III): Description
  13. WPPSI–III Subtests and Interpreting the WPPSI–III
  14. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale–Third Edition (WAIS–III): Description
  15. WAIS–III Subtests and Interpreting the WAIS–III
  16. Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales–Fifth Edition (SB5)
  17. Differential Ability Scales–Second Edition (DAS–II)
  18. Assessment of Intelligence with Specialized Measures
  19. Report Writing
    1. Learning Objectives

      • Discuss issues related to the measurement of intelligence.
      • Describe the various Wechsler tests.
      • Explain assessment of culturally diverse children.
      • Describe principles of report writing.
      • Explain the ethics of assessment.
      • Discuss the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale: Fifth Edition.
      • Describe useful statistical and measurement concepts.
      • Explain the Differential Ability Scales.
      • Discuss the assessment of academic achievement.
      • Discuss the Assessment of Receptive and Expressive Language.


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