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Domestic Violence, Violence in the home

Author: Dawn Bradley Berry, Karel Kurst-Swanger, Jacqueline L. Petcosky

Course Created: 2000, 2003

Practice Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Book Required Duration: 15 hours
4.4 out of 5.0, Based on: 6,398 reviews

Course Summary

The Domestic Violence Sourcebook provides a comprehensive examination of domestic violence. Topic areas include the history, psychology, social and legal aspects, and treatment of domestic violence.

Violence in the Home: Multidisciplinary Perspectives examines the impact of family violence across the life span. Chapters include theoretical perspectives, child, intimate partner, and elder abuse. Intervention and treatment strategies for various populations are also covered.

Course Format

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Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the incidence of domestic violence.
  • Discuss the history of domestic violence.
  • Explain the legal system's response to domestic violence.
  • Describe resources available to women in violent relationships.
  • Explain the impact of domestic violence on children and adolescents.
  • Discuss the theories related to family violence.
  • Describe the impact of family violence on children.
  • Explain the impact of family violence on the elderly.
  • Describe intervention strategies for family violence.
  • Discuss caregiver maltreatment.
  • Discuss the prevention of violence.

Course Syllabus

  1. What is Domestic Violence?
  2. The History of Domestic Violence
  3. The Psychology of Domestic Violence
  4. Social Aspects of Domestic Violence
  5. Children, Adolescents, and Domestic Violence
  6. Domestic Violence and the Law
  7. What Works to Reduce and Prevent Domestic Violence
  8. Practical Information for Women Who Are Abused and Those Who Want to Help Them
  1. Violence in the Home: An Introduction
  2. Theoretical Perspectives
  3. Child Maltreatment
  4. Intimate Partner Abuse
  5. Hidden Violence in the Home: Siblings, Parents, Animals
  6. Elder Abuse
  7. Pseudo Families: Caregiver/Institutional Maltreatment
  8. Intervening in Violent Homes
  9. Preventing Violence in the Home

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