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Evidence Based Guidelines for Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress

Author: Department of Veterans Affairs

Course Created: 2010

Practice Level: Intermediate

No book to buy Duration: 18 hours
3.7 out of 4.0, Based on: 55 reviews

Course Summary

Post-traumatic stress consists of a spectrum of traumatic stress disorders. These disorders can be arranged along a continuum, from Acute Stress Reaction, to Acute Stress Disorder, Acute PTSD, and Chronic PTSD. Each of these may be associated with serious mental and physical co-morbidities. Some survivors will experience only a part of this spectrum, while others will progress through the entire range. This course will examine evidence-based practices used to prevent and treat PTSD including screening, cognitive behavioral and other therapies, and medications.

Course Format

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Course Syllabus

  • Populations at Risk for Developing PTSD
  • Acute Stress Reaction and Prevention of PTSD
  • Assessment of ASD & PTSD
  • Treatment of ASD & PTSD
  • PTSD and Co-occurring Disorders
  • Management of Concurrent PTSD and Substance Use Disorder
  • Psychotherapy for PTSD
  • Pharmacotherapy for PTSD
  • Somatic Treatment for PTSD
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine for PTSD
  • Management of Specific Symptoms

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss with the diagnostic criteria for Acute Stress Reaction.
  • Describe the diagnostic criteria for Acute Stress Disorder.
  • Explain the diagnostic criteria for PTSD.
  • Describe disorders that co-occur with PTSD.
  • Explain the incidence of Substance Use Disorders and PTSD.
  • Identify the most effective psychotherapies for PTSD.
  • Describe pharmacotherapy for PTSD.
  • Explain Somatic Treatment for PTSD.
  • Describe Complementary and Alternative Medicine for PTSD.
  • Discuss the management of sleep disorders for PTSD.


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