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The Career Counselor's Handbook

Author: Howard Figler and Richard N. Bolles

Course Created: 2004

Practice Level: Intermediate

Book Required Duration: 10 hours
3.0 out of 4.0, Based on: 1 reviews

Course Summary

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the field of career counseling.

Course Format

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Course Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • "So You're a Career Counselor! Just Exactly What Do You Do?"
  • What Does "Career" Mean?
  • The Six Objectives of Career Counseling
  • The 12 Most Important Skills a Career Counselor Uses
  • The Mystery of Career Choice
  • Facing the Challenge of Ego: Is It Your Career or Theirs?
  • The Past: Our History
  • A History of Ideas and Events in the Job-Hunting Field during the Twentieth Century
  • The Present: How to Survive and Prosper
  • Prospering as a Career Counselor
  • Learning Self-Promotion
  • The Annual Career Checkup
  • The Present: What Our Tools Are
  • How to Do 1-2-3 Career Counseling
  • How to Use Career Assessment Tools
  • How to Use Occupational Forecasts
  • How to Use Information in Career Counseling
  • Career Counselors and the Internet: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • How to Use Just One Hour
  • How to Use Group Work
  • Principles of Effective Group Workshops
  • Teach Your Clients to Show What They Can Do
  • The Present: Special Problems
  • TheProblem Called "Motivation"
  • Helping Clients Get "Unblocked": The Brain and the Safekeeping Self
  • Confronting Clients Whose Actions Don't Match Their Words
  • Helping the "Impossible Client"
  • Don't Let the Bureaucracy Grind Down Your Clients
  • The 60-30-10 Rule: The Necessity Of Maximizing Face-to-Face Contact
  • The Present: For Clients Who Want to Be "On Their Own"
  • A Return to the Real America
  • How to Help Our Clients Think about Self-Employment
  • Schooling and Entrepreneuring
  • Five Business Cards Instead of One
  • The Present: Values
  • Freedom
  • Helping Clients Define Success
  • Doing Well and Doing Good
  • Adding Value
  • Helping Clients Avoid Cheating in Their Careers
  • The Present: Spirituality
  • The Place of God in Career Counseling
  • The Future
  • Where Is Career Counseling Heading?
  • Five Rules for Dealing with Change in the New Millennium
  • How to Stay Fresh

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the history of career counseling
  • Describe an effective method to find clients
  • Explain the annual career checkup idea
  • Describe the benefits of the internet for job-hunters
  • Explain dealing with difficult clients
  • The participant will demonstrate familiarity with ways for an employee to add value


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