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Just need your password?  

How do I create an account?... click to see answer

You create an account when you take the free test or purchase something. Go ahead. Try the free one. You'll see how easy it is to take your CEUs from us.

When are courses submitted to CeBroker?... click to see answer

We report daily for courses completed the previous day. For example, if you complete a course on Friday, it will be reported on Saturday.

Where is the test for my course... click to see answer

The test material (for the No-Book-To-Buy courses) is downloadable from the My Account page.
The most important thing is to log in first.

  • If you purchased the unlimited option, click on the Course List and choose the courses you want on your account. Then click on My Account link. Next to each test is a link that says "Enter your test answers". There are also links to download the test questions.
  • If you purchased the course individually, click on the My Account link. Next to each test is a link to take the test and to download the material.

Who develops the courses?... click to see answer

All of the courses are developed by William A. Cook, Ph.D. a licensed psychologist.

What are the steps to earn credit hours?... click to see answer

  • Choose a test
  • Purchase the test
  • Order the book if needed
  • Print or download a copy of the test
  • When ready, log on and take the test
  • Download or print your Certificate

Do I need to buy the books?... click to see answer

No, you may use your own books. The link to Amazon is there as a low cost option if you don't already have access to a book.

Will my state accept these continuing education courses?... click to see answer

You can view accreditation information by choosing your state and accrediting body from the drop down menus at the top of this page, then clicking "check".

What if I lose my Internet connection while I'm taking a test?... click to see answer

Each time you complete a set of 5 questions, your responses are entered into a database. If you lose your connection, simply reconnect and continue your test where you left off. At the worst you would have to re-submit those 5 answers.

What is a passing score for the courses?... click to see answer

80% and above.

I need the bios of the the course presenters.... click to see answer

Heidi Dalzell, Psy.D. is a psychologist in private practice specializing in eating disorders, as well as dual addictions, trauma, and depression. She conducts individual and couples therapy with adolescent and adult clients. In addition to authoring numerous mental health courses she frequently blogs about mental health topics.

William A. Cook, Ph.D. (the director of Ce4Less.com) has been a psychologist in private practice for 15 years.

What if I don't pass a test?... click to see answer

Each test may be taken up to 3 times. After submitting a test for scoring, if you do not achieve a passing score, you will be told which items were incorrect.

How does unlimited courses work?... click to see answer

For only $74.99 you may take as many credit hours as you wish for one year from the date of purchase.

How do I add courses to my account?... click to see answer

If you have the unlimited option:
  • Log in
  • For the test you want, click on the "Add to my account" button next to the test.
  • On the "Course Description" page, click on the "Add to my account" button again.
  • Click on "My account" and your courses will be listed.
If you don't have the unlimited option, courses are added by purchasing them individually.

Is the website secure?... click to see answer

Yes. All purchases and logins go through our secure services provided by GoDaddy. You can be assured that any purchases are safe through our site.

At what point can I receive a refund for a test I've purchased?... click to see answer

At any point before submitting a test for scoring, you can receive a 100% refund.

How soon will I receive my CE certificate for the course?... click to see answer

When you submit your test for scoring, it will be scored immediately. If you have a passing grade, your certificate is available to print immediately.

Does Ce4Less.com have a grievance procedure?... click to see answer

You can click here to read the grievance procedure.
Social Workers click here.

What if I have special needs?... click to see answer

Just write us at support@ce4less.com and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Why are the course costs so low?... click to see answer

A. We reduce overhead by using the latest technology to administer and score your tests. We have also partnered with Amazon.com to provide a simple, low-cost way for participants to order the books for each course.

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