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Course Summary

Techniques of Grief Therapy: Assessment and Intervention offers a set of innovative approaches to grief therapy to address the needs of the bereaved. This course includes a variety of specific and practical therapeutic techniques, each conveyed in concrete detail and anchored in an illustrative case study. There is a section on assessment of various challenges in coping with loss, with inclusion of the actual scales and scoring keys to facilitate their use by practitioners and researchers.

Course Format

This course is based on a book and a posttest. When you’re ready, purchase the test by clicking the “Add To Cart” or “Enroll” button. This will let you take the test and receive your certificate for CE credits.

Learning Objectives

  • describe bereaving process
  • discuss how to assess bereavement
  • explain how to work with emotion
  • list ways to reconstruct the self following loss
  • describe how to reorganize the continuing bond
  • explain how to facilitate group work
  • describe the process of recruiting ritual

Course Syllabus

  • Framing the Work
  • Assessing Bereavement
  • Coping with Grief
  • Attending to the Body
  • Working with Emotion
  • Reconstructing the Self
  • Re-Storying Narratives of Loss
  • Reorganizing the Continuing Bond
  • Re-Envisioning the Loss
  • Mobilizing Systems
  • Facilitating Group Work
  • Recruiting Ritual

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