About Ce4Less

Ce4Less.com was founded to provide high quality continuing education at the lowest possible price. We have accomplished this through the use of the latest technology and a focus on customer satisfaction.

William A. Cook, Ph.D. is the director of Ce4Less.com and is responsible for course development and student support. In addition to his duties at Ce4Less.com, Will also works as a psychologist in private practice.

Doug Lawrence, M.S. is the Webmaster at Ce4Less.com. Doug handles the programming and all other technical aspects of the site.

Jeanette Reget, MSW is the Social Work consultant for Ce4Less.com. Her duties involve course development and field testing along with overseeing Social Work specific issues.

Heidi Dalzell, Psy.D. is a psychologist in private practice specializing in eating disorders, as well as dual addictions, trauma, and depression. Conduct individual and couples therapy with adolescent and adult clients. In addition to authoring numerous mental health courses she frequently blogs about mental health topics.

Please feel free to write us with any suggestions, questions, or comments.