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While the cause, risks and characteristics of Parkinson’s disease are well defined in recent movement disorder diagnostic guidelines, there is no definitive test that can confirm a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease during a person’s life. The diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease remains a clinical one, confirmed only after autopsy. Clinicians treat based on clinical observation and close follow up of symptoms, and must be well informed of the changing medical options to help prolong and improve quality of life for those diagnosed with the disease. Successful pharmacotherapy of Parkinson’s disease depends on the ability of clinicians to accurately recognize characteristic signs of the disease, and to successfully function within an interdisciplinary team that includes primary care and neurology medicine to arrive at the right diagnosis.

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Learning Objectives

  • Define Parkinson’s Disease
  • Discuss Psychiatric Comorbidities of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Describe the Impact of Dementia In Parkinson’s Disease
  • Explain Alternative And Complementary Therapies For PD
  • Discuss Physical And Exercise Therapy for PD

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Parkinson’s Disease – A Heterogeneous Disorder
  • Pathogenesis Of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Pathologic Findings Of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Managing Advanced Parkinson’s Disease
  • Choice Of Therapy For Dyskinesia In Parkinson’s Disease
  • Psychiatric Comorbidities
  • Dementia In Parkinson’s Disease
  • Pharmacologic Treatment For Neuropsychiatric Symptoms
  • Non-Pharmacological Therapies In Parkinson’s Disease
  • Alternative And Complementary Therapies For PD
  • Physical And Exercise Therapy
  • Novel Therapies – Agents And Targets
  • Future Directions In Parkinson’s Disease
  • Summary


Jassin M. Jouria, MD

Jassin M. Jouria is a medical doctor, professor of academic medicine, and medical author. He graduated from Ross University School of Medicine and has completed his clinical clerkship training in various teaching hospitals throughout New York, including King’s County Hospital Center and Brookdale Medical Center, among others. Dr. Jouria  has served as a test prep tutor and instructor for Kaplan. He has developed several medical courses and curricula for a variety of educational institutions. Dr. Jouria has also served on multiple levels in the academic field including faculty member and Department Chair. Dr. Jouria continues to serves as a Subject Matter Expert for several continuing education organizations covering multiple basic medical sciences.

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