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Course Summary

Studies are underway to better understand how gender and other influencing factors impact mental health in the general population. Clinicians need to understand how trauma, abuse and other factors affect mental health in women. The purpose of this course is to clinicians information about women and mental health issues, common disorders and treatments.

Course Format

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Learning Objectives

  • Explain the differences in diagnoses for men and women with mental illness.
  • Identify common gender-specific risk factors for mental illness.
  • Describe why fertility challenges can affect a woman’s mental health.
  • List the most common depressive disorders diagnosed in women.
  • Explain the relationship between the postpartum period and depression.

Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction
  2. Gender-Specific Risk Factors
    1. Domestic Violence
    2. Socioeconomic Disadvantage
    3. Income Inequality
    4. Subordinate Status
    5. Responsibility for Others
  3. Depressive Disorders
    1. Signs and Symptoms
  4. Anxiety Disorders
    1. Types of Anxiety Disorders
  5. Somatic Disorders
  6. Menstruation/Menopause and Mental Health
    1. Premenstrual Mood Changes
    2. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
      1. Causes Of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
    3. Menopause
  7. Mental Illness During Pregnancy
    1. Common Psychiatric Disorders in Pregnancy
    2. Medication During the Pregnancy and Postpartum Period
  8. Mental Illness During the Postpartum Period
    1. Treatment for Postpartum Illness
    2. Pharmacologic Treatments and Breastfeeding
  9. Treatment Options
    1. Medication
    2. Concerns with Pregnant and Nursing Mothers
    3. Non-Pharmacologic Treatment
  10. Summary

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